Saturday, June 18, 2011

Satu Saff - Nisa' Wangsa Maju

Assalamualaikum wbt

Good morning semua faithful readers :)

Today is a special day to all of us in Nisa' Wangsa Maju. We are going to our most awaited program - the TEAMBUILDING :)

We booked the date months ago and now the time finally came. This program is aimed to further fasten our bonding and further strengthen the team's mission, approach, goals and strategies. Just like those big companies, we have our core value to stick with and objectives to be achieved. Well, Nisa' Wangsa Maju is all committed to strive towards the best we can be :)

May Allah bless us all in this program and it brings much benefits to Nisa' Wangsa Maju specifically and to all others indirectly :)

No worries, we will be back soon with more energy! Till then, take care of your Iman & Taqwa ok! (^_^)v