Saturday, May 14, 2011

Indeed, a very successful event - KAMUZ :)

Assalamualaikum wbt

hi dearest faithful readers,

it has been long silence since the last post. Been quite busy with stuffs but don't worry we're now ready to gear up again :) *coming up a very special and amazing event....soon!*

Beautiful readers, last month had been a joyful month to Nisa' Wangsa Maju. We managed to organized a successful event - Karnival Masjid Usamah bin Zaid or popularly known as KAMUZ. This event was a collaboration with Masjid Committee and been held at Masjid Usamah, Wangsa Maju itself.

During this carnival, we received a good "sambutan" from Wangsa Maju people and alhamdulillah all activities run smoothly. There were Akademi Masjid (USJUD) which produced 20 talented and potential future leader, Pesona Bintang Kecil which gave a platfrom to the kiddies to unleash their talent in singing and story-telling, and many more! exhibition, food selling, etc. ohhhh, so wonderful!

I know this post might be back-dated but believe me, the sweet memories of KAMUZ and the best feeling of that days, actually remained :)

Enjoy the piccas and vids of KAMUZ and feel free to give comments.

**oops, pls click on the link, because we're facing limited internet connection at the moment and couldn't upload them here...**